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Lights of the Night

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Seek and Ye Shall Find

If you are seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ or if the one you have needs a tune-up, you can check out:

~The Bible verses on my home page or continue reading here.

~Whatever direction you go,take time to get alone with God. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.


It's easier then you think.
Don't let the lingo unnerve you..."Praying"=talking to God.

"Sin" = the wrong stuff we do in God's eyes- nobody else's.

"Repenting" = knowing that your life stinks because of your sins and you want a new direction(towards God) And you are making the move to get there.

"Salvation" = WOW, that's a lot to put in a short sentence but... let's just say because we sin, we need some one to help us get right before God. Jesus Christ is the only one who is qualified to be our Savior.

"The Holy Spirit" = Is the person who is (also apart of God and Jesus) who becomes apart of you. He guarantees your salvation and makes it possible for God to work in your life directly.

How to apply it to your life:

Pray to God. Ask Him to forgive you for your sins. Tell Him that you are repenting and you want Him to lead the way.Tell Him you want Jesus to be your Lord & Savior and you want to start a new life with Him through His Holy Spirit.

He has already promised that if you are serious that He will. (You might want to say thank you, too!)

When it comes to your new life, you don't do it all, He will do the hard stuff that you can't.

Getting right with God may bring forth tears- that's a good thing- sometimes you need to get it out. Tears are a sign of a tender heart and that is a gift from God!

Have questions- just ask Him. You may not get the answer you are looking for, or when you want it, but you'll get the best one. Trusting Him is everything- the more you trust the easier it gets.

If your not sure how to start talking to Him see the prayer suggestions below.

Want some friends to help- contact me or see my link page. Seek and you will find. That's His promise!


"With joy you will draw water from the wells of Salvation"
Isaiah 12:3

If you are trying to rebuild a relationship with Him-you just made Him very happy! Keep reading...

~ Be honest with Him- even if you are upset at Him for some reason. If you can be honest then He can work with you on it

~You don't have to be afraid and you don't have to be someone your not. Honesty is paramount with Him.

~ Relax and take your time.

You can't get to know someone if you're in a rush.

~Trust often takes time but can be built or restored.

The easiest way to get to know someone is to spend time with them so, praying and reading your Bible will help you the most.

~ A great verse to help: 1st John 1:9

Sample Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,
I know that I am a sinner but I want to begin a relationship with You.
I believe that Jesus is your son & died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins. I believe that You raised Him from the dead for my salvation.
Please forgive me of my sins and help me to turn away from them all. Please send your Holy Spirit into my heart that You may be my Lord and Savior. Thank you!

In Jesus Name, amen.

Psalm 25 makes for an easy prayer.
The words are holy and will be heard,
If you mean them.


Nothing is more important than your relationship with Jesus Christ.

I'm not talking about going to church or getting "religion" What I'm talking about is you and Jesus getting to know each other.
Life is shorter then you think. Death can happen when you least expect it and usually does...

Just talk to Him.

Lights of the Night to Brighten Your Path