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Lights of the Night

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Quill & Parchment

Feather Fountain Pen

I love the old ways of the quill,

It gives my heart such a thrill.

To make one to smile and sing awhile,

With a drop of ink and a quill.

Move'n On Past Zoar klt©

I'm packing up my bags, leavening behind my sorrow
I'm hold'n on to the hand of Truth and I'm move'n out the door
Satan, you can't have a grip on me, my heart belongs to God
I'm hold'n to His promises, for the life Christ gave for me

Though the tug of Lot is hard on me, I'll not meet God half way
I'm move'n past what holds me back, for the Love He gives to me
I'm packing up my bags, leavening behind my sorrow,
I'm hold'n on to the hand of Truth and I'm move'n on past Zoar.

His angles are surrounding me, to Mount Zion I will flee
And though it looks like Everest, it's where I want to be!
I'm packing up my bags, leavening behind my sorrow,
I'm hold'n on to the hand of Truth and I'm move'n on past Zoar.


Your Glory Passes By klt © '05

In the spray of a fountain
In the moon lit seat of my car
In the cleft of a mountain
Your Glory passes by

In the sparkle of a smile
In a breeze flowing through the trees
In the kindness of an email...
Your Glory passes by

As I've sought you with my heart
You have met me in my soul
As I gave away a bit of mine
You gave away all of Yours

In the stillness of that quiet place
I know that You are there
I thank You for a place to run
And to show me that You care

In the softness of my pillow
Even in the tears I cry
I know that You are with me
Your Glory passes by.


Ebb & Flow ©'07 klt

I stood alone upon the sand, watching the waves across the sea. Amazed to watch its ebb & flow... foam tickling at my feet.

I stood alone before the Savior's throne, watching the Savior's heart revealed to me. Amazed to watch its ebb & flow... realizing, it really was for me.

The waves of the mighty deep is nothing in compare,
To the Savior's amazing love, I felt just standing there.


Our Egyptian Tomb by klt ©

Most Christians are familiar with walking through desert times in their life.
You feel separated from God and life is overwhelming.
Then there are those times that you're in the deep valley and life really stinks.

And at least once in your life you will enter the Valley of the Kings.
Much like the one in Egypt, this valley has a tomb. A nice big one with a curse attached to it and everything. This tomb is filled with all the things in your life that you don't want to think about, much less talk about.

Satan recites the coffin text: If you open up this tomb you will forever be cursed- you will live with unspeakable pain and if you enter in, it will kill you.

Now, even though this sounds like it came out of Drama Queen's Home Journal,(or maybe Indiana's journal) the evil one has this way of making it sound all to real. After all, we know what is in there- we put it there so we wouldn't have to face it.

It's filled with deep hurts, bad memories, and feelings from all kinds of stuff that we can't bear to deal with.
And even if we don't go in but just stand there looking, Satan says: "true, I can't deal with you here and now as I like but you just try to stay out of my way! I'll get you, my pretty and your little dog too!"

Ok, so that was from a real drama queen but you get the idea. And that's the same line he pulls on us.
So, what do we do when we are standing there with hot sand sifting through are sandals, staring down this tomb?

Well, there is one person I know who is really good at dealing with tombs. He hasn't met a tomb yet that he couldn't open up and bring somebody back from the dead.

Yes, Jesus knows about those "after three days it stinks" kinda places. He was in one.

On the third day he arose from his tomb so he could raise you from yours.

He'll stand with you and roll away the stone. When Satan shows up with his little curses, Jesus will tell him. "Be gone! You have no power here!" And the best part is, Satan really has no choice but to leave!

And with the Resurrection Power that God used to raise Jesus Christ from the dead, He will take what stinks in your tomb and help you conquer it. He will bring you back to life, back to a life worth living. All you have to do is ask Him.

For, we are more than conquers through Christ who loves us. Just remember, when you are in the Valley of the Kings, just call out to the King of Kings.

Lights of the Night to Brighten Your Path